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      “Life is a story about connections. We don’t make just accessories. We braid lifestyles.”

      «In the 20th century, the sons of middle-class entrepreneurs used to work as apprentices during the summer in case of bad school results. So, sixteen-year old Giuseppe was sent to work in the factory as a warehouse boy. During his weekly travels to Cotonificio Verbanese to load the yarn on trucks, he soon learnt to recognise the unmistakable smell of cotton»

      This was the beginning of a typical Italian business tale, where all the core values of Made in Italy are intertwined: know-how, tradition, craftsmanship, history, style, investigation, development, quality, culture and beauty.

      The curiosity and inspiration that are typical of Made in Italy have pushed the company to experiment all kinds of leather and material, and preferably natural fibres: from cotton to Kevlar, from cashmere to trilobate polyester, from silver to copper threads. All braidable materials were tested and many of them have been integrated in the company’s current productions.

      Over the years, braiding has become much more than a simple, yet refined technique used to produce accessories, it being a real philosophy of life. Each of us is tied to another person through fine yarns in a complex weave. Just like materials, also individuals and stories get intertwined every day, sometimes without being aware of it. “A man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots, whose flower and fruitage is the world” (Ralph Emerson)


      Life is a story made up of connections ……
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