OXILLA is the company division that is exclusively dedicated to the creation of luxury braided materials for interior decoration. They are the perfect solution for lining the walls of yachts, airplanes, private residences,
stores, hotels, interior decoration items and catering articles. The name was used to indicate the town of Domodossola in the ancient manuscripts from the 8th century A.D.

Interior Design

Manifattura di Domodossola, which has always operated in interior decoration market, has felt the need to create a dedicated corporate division with specialized staff in order to meet the requirements of an especially demanding and continuously evolving market.


Thanks to the technological innovation, the creativity and the high quality of the raw materials, the company has won the challenge of producing items and accessories for hotels and restaurants, starting from its historical products.

Athison Interior design

The synergy between the two business units gives life to Athison’s interior decoration during the trade shows, where visitors can admire the very accurate settings and the valuable materials used.