Enhanced colours and eco-compatible materials are the foundations of Athison philosophy. All our work is environmental-friendly and we have decided not to abandon the traditional production processes, integrating them with modern technologies. A clear example of this are the
Colours of Athison, which are natural and have a high aesthetic value.

Water dying

Our leather is vegetable tanned, and before being cut and braided on our oldlooms, it is dyed by expert hands in our plant with 100% non-toxic, water- based colours to fully respect the environment. Leather maintains its natural look and enhances the magnificent colour shades that are typical of environmental-friendly products.

Old recipes

Also our yarns are dyed and polished with 100% natural products. The method used to polish natural yarns uses a sort of starch made of water and potato flour according to a century-old recipe.

Sustainable colours

Athison’s colours are a clear demonstration of our culture, which is made of technically advanced, environmental-friendly products. At the same time, they epresent a clear stylistic choice that gives priority to colour varieties and their combinations in different materials.

Our natural bent for innovative raw materials and the fact that the production process entirely takes place in our plant allow our designers to follow the work minute by minute, while being free to play with colour and material combinations. For this reason, Athison’s force lies in the power and in the variety of the colour proposals for its models. A proof of this can be found in the first women’s collection of handbags made of leather and copper, which is inspired by the suggestive colours of Italian cities: Venice, Capri, Siena and Cortina.

1,056 colour yarns

On the other hand, the first collection of backpacks and bags is composed of a wonderful jacquard fabric made with 1,056 coloured cotton threads that make up the base of the braiding, tied one by one to create a unique and inimitable material.