The ancient braiding technique has always accompanied each single step of man’s evolution,
but it is in the 16th century that the genius of Leonardo da Vinci introduces the very first
innovation with the invention of the automatic loom with mechanical shuttle.

The first braided belt

Such a technique was recovered by Manifattura di Domodossola when building its state-of-the-art installations (many of which were completely designed in- house), thus contributing to revolutionize and modernize a stalled sector. The turning point occurred when one of these machines gave life to a leather
tubular braid for a collection of belts that took the evocative name of “PRIMA”, being the first and the only one of its kind.

Materials for braiding

Over the years, and over the numerous collections, valuable articles with a high visual impact were produced with sophisticated machines, while maintaining the old flavour of the hand-made braiding. The combination of materials that are apparently incompatible has created products that are not present in nature as such, but come from the world of nature.

Art and technique

Technique becomes art, and braiding is not only a mere skill, it becomes a philosophy that permeates the entire company, where the encounter of values, stories, cutting-edge technologies and century-old know-how has made Manifattura di Domodossola unique.

At the same time, the use of the best raw materials gives life to Athison’s unmatchable creations, which are made of curves repeated in a continuous pattern, generating decorations that tend to infinity.